Will lifting weights make me bulky?

  1. No, eating donuts and cupcakes will make you bulky.  🙂

Lifting weights builds lean muscle. Muscle is what actually gives us the nice shape and curves. 

In the first few months of lifting weights, one can start to feel bulky or even see the weight on their scale go up. When clothes are fitting snug and the scale is going up, the usual culprit is poor nutrition. 

So yes as you build muscle, if your diet is poor, you will keep the layer of fat over the muscle and feel bulky. Lifting weights and working out in general can increase your appetite. So if you are not really watching what you eat, you can gain muscle and fat. 

The solution- clean up your diet + lift weights= build lean muscle and burn body fat! 

Let’s take a look at a real life example.

Amy weighed 116lbs when she started our workout and nutrition program. Five years into it she weighed 125lbs but dropped 2 clothes sizes! She got leaner, smaller, stronger, but weighed more! The 116lb version of Amy ran 15-20 miles each week and probably ate less than 1000 calories each day (mostly processed foods). She could barely squat a 45lb bar. 

The 125lb Amy eats 1800 calories each day (mostly real unprocessed foods), lifts heavy weights and only runs occasionally. But remember, the 125lb Amy is TWO clothes sizes smaller! She feels stronger and more confident too! 

Body fat takes up way more space than muscle! So if you gain 5lbs of muscle but lose 5lbs of fat you will be smaller!


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