Strong Bones for Life

We all need strong bones, especially as we age. We don’t just get strong bones from milk and vitamins like the dairy and the pharmaceutical industry would like us to believe.

Bones are quite dynamic. They are constantly reshaping in response to physical forces placed on them.

We need bones to move. Long bones are actually factories for blood cells. It is important to keep our bones strong and healthy for the duration of our life.

Weak bones will easily break or fracture. As we age, this is a concern because broken bones can lead to immobility which can in turn spiral into a series of other health problems.

Bones can weaken from calcium imbalances. But they can also weaken from lack of physical exercise. Most anyone can be proactive and prevent or correct either issue. Eat a diet rich in calcium! And get regular exercise in the form of resistance training.

The recommended daily calcium requirements are around 1000mg/day. Great sources are green leafy veggies (spinach, kale, broccoli) and dairy. You can also supplement with vitamins.

Now to the exercise! Load bearing exercises stimulate osteogenesis (formation of new bone cells). So basically, if you do some exercise (specifically resistance training) you can build new bone!

Keep in mind that calcium supplementation alone will not be sufficient to build the strongest bones possible. Putting consistent mechanical stress in the form of exercise will result in the bone “needing” that excess calcium.

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