Should I Come to the Gym?

COVID-19 virus is a serious condition, should you come to the gym?

Good question!

But what’s not up for question, is should you workout?


We are taking every precaution available to make the gym a germ free, safe zone, for your fitness. But even if you can’t risk attending classes, we can still give you the same guidance, programming, accountability, and coaching as always no matter where you work out.

If you’re sick, don’t exercise. But if everyone else is sick, that is THE WORST TIME TO STOP EXERCISING.

Congratulations if you workout with us: you’ve built yourself a buffer.Your immune system is primed. If anyone can avoid getting sick, it’s you. And if you DO get sick? You’ll recover a LOT faster. Because you’re healthier than almost anyone you know. So right now, you’re weighing the benefits of this force field against the possible risk of COVID-19 infection. In some places the government is saying “Don’t go to the gym!” and you’re thinking:“ That’s crazy.” or maybe, “That doesn’t seem quite right.” Possibly: “Yeah, I’d rather be on the safe side.” Or, in some cases: “Woohoo! Free pass to slack off!”

Here’s what you need to know about gym memberships during the Coronavirus crisis.

  1. We have capped our class sizes to 10 people.
  2. Each person has their own 12×12 workout zone stocked with cleaning supplies to sanitize your equipment before and after thee workout.
  3. Clients are pre registering for class so that coaches know who is coming.
  4. Coaches are setting the equipment in each client’s workout zone.
  5. Workout zones are adequately spaced so as to comply with social distancing guidelines.
  6. All coaches and clients are self screening prior to entering the gym.
  7. Hand sanitizer at entry and exit points.
  8. Everyday we are assessing our procedures and making improvements to the process as needed!

If you’re sick, don’t exercise. But if everyone else is sick, that’s the worst time to stop exercising.

See you at the gym!

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