Some people think that planning out their week and sticking to a rigid schedule is confining.  The truth is that planning leads to freedom.

What if I want to do something else? 

Most people think that planning out their meals is restrictive. 

We recommend planning out your meals 24 hours in advance. 

What if I am craving something else tomorrow? 

The main benefit to planning out your meals is that it gives you a break from having to make decisions in the moment. 

Most people know what to eat. That apple is healthier than that Snickers Bar. 

However, when we are stressed out, in a hurry, have no plan- our brain will almost always resort to old habits or what is easiest. 

  1. Try taking 10-15 minutes to write down everything that you will eat tomorrow (or log it into an app like My Fitness Pal). 
  2. Write down healthy foods that will help you reach your goals. But if you know you will be faced with a special occasion treat, plan for it! One piece of cake or one glass of wine. 
  3. Make sure that you eat only what you wrote down or logged in the app. The precise foods and the precise quantities. Don’t let your brain make any food related decisions because you already planned it out! 

You will find that this is very liberating! 

We often have an internal battle about the donuts in the breakroom or the cookies in the pantry. 

Why have that battle? If your brain knows that you  are only going to eat what you logged into that app, then eat it and move on with your day! There are bigger and better things to stress over! 

I have used this planning method in other areas of my life like exercise or studying. 

Let’s look at exercise. 

We have had people who could not do any of our classes except for 5am due to work schedules. We often hear, “I’ll try to make it at 5am and we will see how that goes”. 

For that situation we recommend these steps: 

  1. Commit 100% the night before to attending that 5am class. 
  2. Commit 100 % to NOT hitting snooze. 
  3. Set your workout clothes and shoes out the night before. 
  4. Take it one step further and put your shoes right beside your bed so you have to put them on first! 

This has worked over and over again for people who claim they  are not morning people! 

Something cool happens when you commit 100% and take the steps to make something happen. Your brain goes with it! 

When we say, “maybe I’ll go workout in the morning if I can get up”- we give ourselves a way out. 

When the alarm goes off, we hit snooze and have that internal battle about getting up and staying in the  cozy bed. And old habits win! 

So if you want better nutrition, plan your meals 24 hours in advance! (you can prepare the meals ahead of time or plan meals out)

If you want to be more consistent in the gym, schedule your gym time! 

Plan your life or life will plan you! 


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