Personal Training or Group Classes?

CrossFit is for everyone. But group training might not be.

I love working with the group. But I know it’s not for everyone.

We have been coaching people since 2009, and we’ve learned how to make people fit and healthy in both group and individual sessions.

I even began coaching years before finding CrossFit. Personally, I have had one on one coaches and the value for me was tremendous.

1-on-1 training means personal programming, privacy and individual guidance.

Groups mean fun with friends as coaches tailor one general workout to the needs of each individual.

Both paths are great options. If you feel like you want a more tailored approached to fitness, we have expert personal trainers who can work with you! You can even do CrossFit group classes and meet with a coach for a 1-on-1 session anywhere from 1x/month to 12x/month or more!

Some of our athletes have been with our coaches for years without ever doing a group class! Come in and meet with a professional coach for a goal session! We’ll be happy to help you pick the program that’s best for you.


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