Pain Mindset

Over the years, I have had a number of patients come in with back pain, and they will say, “My mom/dad always had back pain after turning 30/40/50, so I guess I am going to have this for the rest of my life.” 

Many would read this and think it is ridiculous, however, those same people, possibly yourself included, have been inundated with the power of “DNA”! 

There is a subtle inclination towards the question, “Is there a gene for back pain?  And do I have it?”

What we have learned about the power of DNA is that the power is not in the chain itself, but in the “expression of the gene”.  Many of us have heard about “epigenetics”, especially in the realm of nutrition, and foods that may turn genes on and off.  This is a super cool topic, but what we are talking about today is how movement patterns may be the culprit.

Let’s get real here.  We all know our eye color came from the genes passed down from our parents, and we all believe at least a teeny tiny bit that our current and future health is related to that “Family Health History” form we completed at the medical doctor’s office. 

That history is a picture of all the potential genes our parents gave us, but it does not ask questions about how your parents moved.

Did your parent’s movement patterns “express” a gene for back pain?  Maybe.  If we look at it from this mindset, then we can do two things:  

1)  we can take ownership of our back pain through small daily habit changes in our movement patterns, and

2)  bypass the part of our brain playing tug-of-war with the question of whether our pain is “genetic” because here we are going to say, “Sure, it is genetic.  No biggie.  I am confident that with the accountability of my coach I can change the movement patterns that are expressing this back pain gene, and in turn be done with it forever!”

How does that sound?

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Dr. Asa Hadsell


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