Is CrossFit Dangerous?

We often hear people express concern that CrossFit is dangerous.

Our membership is comprised of regular people– teachers, engineers, bankers, chefs, moms and dads– who just want look and feel a better.

Most of what we do is centered around helping people lean out, get fitter and healthier in the safest way possible.
To ensure your success, we start you with our On Ramp Program. This program is all about starting smart, and preparing you for your first regular class.

On Ramp consists of five 30 minute one-on-one personal training sessions with the purpose of: developing good movements patterns, so you’ll stay injury freeset quantifiable goals that produce big resultsperform most of the movements you’ll encounter in our regular classesscale movements that could potentially agitate old injuries
Once you complete On Ramp, you can either continue with personal training, or move on to small group personal training (the CrossFit class).

We aim to keep you safe by:Continuing to focus on proper form and techniqueSmall classes. Our average class size is 8 people. Our coaches are awesome, professional, athletic, and want to see you reach your potential! We know that the path to optimal fitness must be achieved through proper technique in the movements. Poor technique can lead to injuries.

We start with one-on-one sessions so that the coaches can give you their undivided attention. This helps to ensure that you learn how to move safely and efficiently in all of the exercises that you will do in our classes!
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