Balanced Training

There is balance that we must find with fitness and health.  When we think of fitness, we often think of performance. How much you can …

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The Why Behind the Workout

There are so many workouts out there on social media. Heck, you can even make up your own workouts.  There is also a ton of …

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Pain Mindset

Over the years, I have had a number of patients come in with back pain, and they will say, “My mom/dad always had back pain …

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Why Wait?

Did you know that the average American spends 35 minutes each day on Facebook. Just imagine if every American spent that 35 minutes on exercise, …

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Got Foot Pain

Here’s something your podiatrist may not tell you, but your chiropractor and physical therapist have known for a while.  Your foot pain could be from …

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Strong Bones for Life

We all need strong bones, especially as we age. We don’t just get strong bones from milk and vitamins like the dairy and the pharmaceutical …

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