What should I eat before and after workouts?

PRE AND POST WORKOUT NUTRITION What should I eat before my workout? While nutrient timing can make a difference in your workout and recovery, your …

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The Secret Sauce

You won’t lose weight simply by joining a gym.  We do have the best workouts and coaches. But if you come to class and do …

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Women NEED to lift weights. Light weights are good, medium to heavy weights are better.  Of course, we only recommend lifting medium to heavy weights …

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How Hard Should You Workout?

SHOULD EVERY WORKOUT DESTROY YOU?  Our workouts are built around ten fitness elements: Strength Power Aerobic Capacity Flexibility Stamina Balance Agility Speed Flexibility Accuracy. Each …

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Build Muscle at Any Age

I am 49 and I’ve never worked out. Will I be able to get a good physique and muscle mass even if I start at …

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Will lifting weights make me bulky?

No, eating donuts and cupcakes will make you bulky.  🙂 Lifting weights builds lean muscle. Muscle is what actually gives us the nice shape and …

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Planning=Freedom Some people think that planning out their week and sticking to a rigid schedule is confining.  The truth is that planning leads to freedom. …

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Personal Training or Group Classes?

CrossFit is for everyone. But group training might not be. I love working with the group. But I know it’s not for everyone. We have …

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Is CrossFit Dangerous?

We often hear people express concern that CrossFit is dangerous. Our membership is comprised of regular people– teachers, engineers, bankers, chefs, moms and dads– who …

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Where do our workouts come from?

Our group class workouts are different every day. That doesn’t mean they’re random. At the start of every group session, your private coach will explain …

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